2 Common Things you can expect to hear from your Biker Match

biker dating

Relationships seem so complicated from time to time that we, common mortals, are almost convinced we could really use a hand from a seasoned love expert to help us navigate the waters.

The situation gets additionally complicated if we are dating a person with specific hobbies or interests that aren’t even hobbies in the actual sense of the word but rather particular lifestyles where we are basically expected to show additional understanding and appreciation for everything our partner loves. Ultimately, this hobby of theirs is like an extension to their personality and it’s not reasonable to expect that a relationship will thrive if we aren’t able to embrace our partner’s peculiarity 100%.

This goes double when you start with biker dating because motorcycle lovers are quite specific for so many reasons. Don’t get us wrong, we believe they are perfectly able to provide enough emotionally, it’s just that they still ask for a lot in return. So, without a further ado, we hereby present you with two most common things you can expect to hear from your motorcycle lover, as well as possible meanings behind these.

#1 “Wanna skip a movie night we arranged and hang out with my crew instead?”

While this sudden change in plans may sound rude to everyone who isn’t familiar with biker psychology at all, we think it’s something that shouldn’t get upset about by all means. What happens here is that biker men and biker women are pretty social creatures who simply enjoy being surrounded by lots of people.

And when situations like this occur, the chances are you are going to ask yourself whether they actually care for you since they are clearly capable of trading a romantic evening for group night-out.

What you should keep in mind here is this has nothing to with their feelings for you; it’s just that they are able to enjoy both situations while their spontaneity dictates them to suggest you whatever they feel most like doing in a certain moment.

So, if they still want you by their side when they come up with this sort of a proposal it definitely means they enjoy your company and this is what matters the most.

#2 “Is it okay if I go on a solo trip this weekend?”

So before you let the doubt entirely consume you, you should take the time to ask yourself a couple of questions such as:  Are they having a stressful period at work and thus could really use some time on their own to blow off some steam?

If this is the case, the way they see it the easiest way to achieve this is by taking a day or two off for a chance to enjoy fresh air and an open road while having enough time to contemplate their current situation and think about the possible ways to sort it out. Keep in mind that biker lifestyle is not all about heavy drinking and partying in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, it’s needless to say that every person occasionally needs some alone time and this is perfectly legit, with the only difference being that a biker’s alone time usually includes the company of his forever- first love, which is his motorcycle.

Ever been in a relationship with a biker before? What was it like? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below for a chance to help others who are just beginning to date bikers!

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