3 Texting Strategies that can Help Women Keep the Spark Alive

Texting Strategies that can Help

Nowadays, texting is a crucial component of dating. Therefore, if you are tired of being one of BBW singles and want to find someone special, you will have to master the art of texting. Keep in mind that those messages you send should trigger positive emotions of love and attraction, so don’t limit yourself to ‘Hi, how are you’ type of texts. If you have met a guy you like on one of the BBW dating sites and you want to keep the spark alive, there are 3 texting strategies that can help you with that.

Make him feel like you two have something special

The easiest way to build a deep connection with a guy is to make him feel like that you have something special. On the other hand, the easiest way to make him feel disconnected is by making him believe that what you two have is typical and happens to everyone. Therefore, make sure you mention something cute that happened on your first date or something he said when you first started texting each other. This way, you will take him back in time and make him relive both the moment and the feeling.

Praise him

Complimenting someone is the best way to make them like you. However, compliments need to be genuine and specific. Otherwise, they won’t have the same effect. Therefore, compliment the way he tipped the waiter on your first date; how he made you laugh, or even how you liked the way he looked in that jacket the other day. Praising someone via texts is a lot easier and less awkward than doing it face to face, so take advantage of it. By complimenting your guy, you will easily connect with him even when you are far away.

Tickle his imagination

Anticipation is a huge part of the attraction, so don’t be afraid to send him something like ‘If you were here at this moment… ‘He will instantly start imagining all kinds of things and feel more attracted to you. This strategy is way more effective than sending a half-naked picture or sending a dirty text because his imagination will do all the work.

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