3 Things You Must Know Before You Join HIV Dating Sites

HIV dating sites

Many people who have HIV find it easier to open up to a person with the same condition. This is why HIV dating is becoming more and more popular. Because many people with this condition are online, you can find a person who not only shares your condition, but also your interests.

HIV dating sites are crowded with people who are searching for love. If you thought that you should say goodbye to your love life just because you are positive, think again. Just as people with HIV can lead long and fulfilled lives, they can also find love. So get back on the market and find your soulmate. If you are using HIV positive dating sites, here are some tips which should help you have a great experience.

Choose your dating site wisely

First of all, ensure that your dating site is legit. Keep in mind that many websites are fake, and everything on them, from ads to users, is created only so you will pay membership. So don’t be lazy and do a little research. Find website reviews and compare them. That site which has several positive reviews should be legit. Some dating sites match you with potential partners, while with others you get to browse and pick your own. See which ones you prefer. You should know that some sites are free, but for most websites you have to pay. The more serious people are about finding a mate the more likely they are willing to pay a subscription. Time-wasters are usually on free sites. See in which category you belong.

Find someone with similar interests

Just because you and the person you are talking to are both HIV positive, doesn’t mean that you are a good match. Having only the same illness is not a good basis for a relationship. Very soon you will run out of things to talk about. So forget about your condition and focus on finding a person who shares your interests. Not all of them, of course, that would be impossible (and rather boring), but some that are important to you.

Don’t be too picky

When you are online dating HIV singles, don’t be too judgy. Take your time and get to know other users. If you just skip through the list like “to tall, too short, to blonde, dark eyes, hasn’t finished college…” you will never find your ideal partner. Forget about playing Goldilocks and keep an open mind. Just because you prefer darker hair doesn’t mean that some blonde won’t win over your heart. The exciting part about online dating is that you can meet a wide variety of people and learn about their way of life. So forget about physical appearance and focus on inner qualities. Keep in mind that looks fade and you don’t want to end up with some boring and mean person who used to be beautiful. Find someone who will accept you for who you are.

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