4 Reasons Why You Must Date A Cougar In Your 20s

You Must Date A Cougar In Your 20s

When someone mentions cougars, women like Demi Moore, JLo and Lisa Bonet come to our mind. Yes, cougars are sexy, powerful women so it is no wonder that a lot of young guys cannot resist them. So, if you are still not a member of the cougar dating club, we have no idea what you are waiting for. Anyways, here are 4 main perks of dating a cougar, so stick around if you want to find out more.

A woman at her sexual prime

There is one place where younger guys and older women are the perfect match – the bedroom. While guys reach their sexual peak in their 20s, women hit their sexual prime in their 40s. Therefore, by being with an older woman, you will be able to explore various sexual fantasies and test your limits. Mature ladies are not ashamed to say what turns them on, so you can count on your cougar to be direct and upfront about what she wants.

They are not clingy

Cougars are not looking for anything serious and they don’t have time to play mind games. They are already juggling their families, kids, careers and other obligations, so there’s no time for much else besides great dates and hot sex. If you are not looking for a real relationship, dating a cougar might just be what the doctor prescribed.

They can introduce you to important people

Cougars are mostly career women, and they have made many important connections on their way to success. As you can see, being with a mature woman will not only benefit your sex life but your career as well.  She can help you make important business connections so don’t miss the opportunity to be the best arm candy possible.

They are confident and sexy

A cougar knows who she is and what she deserves, so she is not a drama queen like girls your age. Don’t expect her to be jealous of your friends or even care who you’re talking to. As long as you give her what she wants when you are together, she won’t give a damn about what you are doing when you are apart. A cougar takes what she wants from life, which is something you can learn from her.

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