4 Things You Should Never Say To A Widower

You Should Never Say To A Widower

Dating a widower is definitely not an easy task. These men have lost their soul mates and that kind of loss damages a soul. Sadly, some of them are never able to heal entirely and move on with their love life, but most of them find a way to let someone new in. If you’re lucky to meet a widowed man who is ready to fall in love again, you need to be fully prepared. You have to know what to say, and more importantly, what not to say when you go out with him. Therefore, here are the 4 things you should avoid saying to a widower.

“There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea”

This is probably one of the worst things you could say to a widower. Their spouse was not just one of those fish in the sea. Their soul mate was probably the only love of their life, so saying something like this insults the memory of that love. This is exactly the reasons why you shouldn’t say this to a widowed man. You need to show some respect for his late wife.

“You Can’t Live In The Past”

First of all, it’s not your call. If he wants to live in the past, he has every right to. Secondly, this may sound like you want him to forget his past and move on as soon as possible. You have to bear in mind that he lost the biggest part of his life and healing takes time. Yes, he needs to move on, but you must not rush him. He needs his past in order to preserve the memory of his late spouse.

“I Know How You Feel”

Stop right there! There’s no way you know how he feels, especially if you haven’t lost your own partner. Even if you have, every person deals with this loss in their own way. It’s an individual thing and that’s why you must never say these words to a widower.

“Will You Ever Get Married Again?”

It’s perfectly understandable that you want to know if this relationship has a future, but make sure to avoid this particular question at all costs. It sounds like you’re rushing him into something serious, and trust us, he’s not ready for a new commitment.

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