4 Types of Cowboys You Will Meet Online

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If you have decided to visit a cowboy dating site and find love, you need to keep in mind that there are several types of country guys you will meet. Therefore, figure out what kind of boyfriend do you want and then choose a cowboy who possesses all those qualities you are seeking. In that name, here are 4 types of country guys you will meet online.

Romeo In Plaid

He is the type of cowboy you have seen in movies. This traditional guy has a thick southern accent, drives a truck and wears button-down plaid shirts. Don’t let his simple look fool you though. This guy is all about adventure and you will never get bored with him. If you love spending time outdoors, sitting underneath the stars, camping, and fishing, this guy might be your Prince Charming.

The Fancy Country Boy

If you are a typical city girl, this type of cowboy might be the one for you. He likes to pair his boots with a suit and tie or with skinny jeans and a v-neck shirt. Basically, this guy is the best of both worlds and you will never know where you will end up with him. He might take you to a fancy restaurant where he will wine and dine you and then teach you how to throw a rope afterward. However, one thing is for sure: you won’t be able to resist him because this guy is an ultimate charmer.

The Tough Guy

If you want a manly man who will protect you and treat you like a lady, you should go out with this guy. You will recognize him by his cut off shirts, black leather vests and the way he carries himself. This guy is full of confidence and is often the leader of his crew.  Although he might get into a lot of bar fights and say things without sugar coating them, he will be a boyfriend you will be able to count on when things get tough. However, keep in mind that this cowboy needs a strong girl by his side who will be able to handle him, so you better think twice before you get involved with him.

The Original Gentleman

If you want a guy who will treat you like a princess, don’t look any further. This cowboy is a hopeless romantic who will bring you freshly picked flowers, open the door for you and kiss you on the forehead.

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