4 Worst Ways To Impress A Girl On A Dating Site

Worst Ways To Impress A Girl

There are countless of free singles dating sites all over the Internet. This basically means that any guy out there has an opportunity to create a profile and try to impress any woman he likes. However easy this might seem, dazzling a lady via chat or email is not a simple task. Quite the opposite actually. Sadly, a lot of guys collapse under pressure and some of them end up choosing horrible and completely inappropriate methods and pick-up lines. So, in order to spare you some potentially awkward situations in the future, we decided to show you some of the worst techniques when it comes to impressing a girl on a dating website.

“I slept With So Many Women, I Can’t Even Remember Them All”

The mother of all bad pick-up lines. In order to meet people online and leave a good impression, you need to be better than this. Bragging about the number of your sexual “conquests” will only make you look like a total douche. Girls won’t find that impressive at all, trust us.

Bragging About How Much Money You Make

This is also one of the worst ways to impress a single lady. Not all women are gold diggers, you have to bear that in mind at all times. Most of them are not interested in money and other material things, so if you don’t want to come across as narrow-minded and obnoxious, you need to find a completely different approach.

Showing Her Pictures Of Your Car

Ok, this is not as bad as the previous one, but it sends the same message. Trying to fascinate a woman with expensive possessions is quite wrong and offensive. She would be more intrigued and impressed if you picked her up for your first date without saying her you own a car. Modesty is quite hot, always remember that.

Sending Her Shirtless Selfies

Yeah, girls love to hang out with hot and handsome dudes, but sending her shirtless selfies just to show off your ripped abs is a little bit over the top. She will think that you’re some kind of a pervert and the whole thing might go south pretty fast. You can look just as good fully clothed, so save the topless photos for later!

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