5 Rules of Dating a Cougar Every Cub Wannabe Should Know

Dating a Cougar

Although dating a cougar is amazing and has so many benefits, you’ll have to step your game up and be able to relate to an entirely different group of women if you decide to date outside of your age range. These ladies won’t consider your immature jokes funny or your mind games charming. Moreover, mature women expect a lot from their partners and are not willing to settle for anything less than they deserve, so read the following before you join cougar finder apps.

Do your research

If you want to impress an older woman, keep in mind that she is probably not going to want to talk about funny cat videos or awesome video games you just got. Therefore, consider reading up on food and wine, check out what shows older women are watching these days and read a book or two. That way, you will manage to seem cultured for your age, which is a trade most cougars appreciate.

Be a man

Although cougars are attracted to the youth, they are turned off by immature behavior. Therefore, you shouldn’t act like a frat boy despite the fact that you are her junior. We suggest you learn how to communicate, do not play love games, and treat your date with respect, not as a sex object.

Dress well

We’re not saying you should wear a suit and a hat, but you need to look refined. Therefore, leave those baggy pants in your closet and choose a shirt that hasn’t been worn three days in a row.

Mind your manners

You know all those things your mamma taught you? Well, now is the time to use them! Say please, thank you, open the door for your date and treat her like a real gentleman. Cougars want to be treated like the goddesses so do your best to honor their wishes.

Don’t mention the age difference, but be aware of it

She knows very well that she is your senior and so do you, but there is no point highlighting it. If you really want to date a cougar, you need to pretend like the age difference doesn’t exist. After all, cougars want to feel youthful and sexy, and you will shatter that illusion and ruin everything by mentioning her age.

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