5 Signs To Find Out That You Are Commitment Phobic

self criticise

Do you really find it hard to keep up with the deadlines in any area of life. If you do not want to be with someone even though you like them very much just because of the fact that you will be ‘with them’ officially then welcome to the band of commitment-phobic group.

Your friends often tell you that you have a problem of not getting attached to someone or of not sharing stuff with people then you might fall into this zone. Stop denying it maybe you are, read these simple points to find out. There are many signs to identify if you are the one who is commitment-phobic. Read here to know more:

Afraid to get attached

afraid to get attached

You think that if you get attached to someone then you would end up getting hurt or hurt them somehow. So you follow the policy of being at some distance apart. You are really not a fan of drama and try to avoid it as much as possible.

Complain way too much

You complain way too much about the person, situation, distance or anything you can find to blame for your commitment phobia. You easily find flaws with things and people. You have plenty of reason for not being with someone.

Self criticise

self criticise

You are often found criticising yourself for being detached and inconsiderate. You do this to the extent that you start giving these reasons to people so that they don’t want to be with you.

Like being casual

You are readily available for casual dating but start running when you see things getting serious at some point. You say things like we will see where this goes or let’s go with the flow and not think too much. This is a sign of your phobia towards commitment.

Don’t want to be answerable

like being casual

When someone asks you the reason for being single you just say that you enjoy your freedom way too much and don’t like being tied down.

You cringe when you see couples fighting over little things and thank god that you are away from the whole concept of relationship and dedication towards one person.

If you could relate to the above-mentioned pointers then you definitely are the one who runs from commitment and probably your friends are right for calling you a person who freaks out at the slightest possibility of an actual relationship. Don’t worry you will overcome this with time and when you do you will truly understand the joy of being with someone.

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