5 Surefire Ways to Succeed in Biker Dating

Ways to Succeed

So, you’ve just decided to try your luck with biker dating? Well, who can honestly blame you, given that biker dudes and chicks radiate those dangerous vibes but also seem like kind of people that are always ready to jump on that bike and rush to another exciting adventure. Still, there are some unwritten rules that need to be followed, so that you can undisputedly enjoy your hot biker romance.

Don’t be Pushy

Okay, first things first. You can meet local bikers rather easily. We’re quite sure that you can find a bunch of attractive biker guys and chicks in dedicated bars or if this seems tiresome, you can always browse some of biker dating sites. Still, once you get connected with the right biker guy or a girl, make sure not to be too pushy, as this can be a huge turn off. Always keep in mind that bikers appreciate their freedom more than anything.

Don’t be Jealous of His/Her Bike

You have to understand that their bike is basically a part of them, or an extension of their personality if you prefer so. This means that they will definitely spend a bunch of time on cleaning, fixing and polishing that machine of theirs. Still, it doesn’t mean that they are unable to make an extra room for you in their heart. If you prove to be worth enough, of course.

Be Prepared to Get Wild

Bikers are certainly not the kind of people that will allow themselves to dwell in a routine. With them by your side, you will basically discover something new and exciting every single day. This means that hanging out with biker singles can transform an ordinary weekend into a memorable experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Just imagine it: the wind in your hair, the joy of having the open road in front of you…okay, we’ll stop!

Don’t Hesitate to Let yourself Go

If you’re kind of girl or guy that fancies a fine cuisine, haute couture and your hair always look impeccable, perhaps biker dating is not the right thing for you. Always keep in mind that bikers will be equally satisfied both with a meal under the starry skies or in a local diner, without any difference. Being classy and sharp is just not their thing and you should share some of these values if you want for your relationship to thrive.

Expect the Unexpected

Yep, we have already mentioned it before, but it’s of tremendous importance to keep in mind that bikers nurture an independent lifestyle and are accustomed to not having things planned ahead. This means that you shouldn’t expect from them to spend every single day with you. Moreover, the change of plans or sudden rides with their crew are something that will occasionally happen. You don’t have to worry about these, though, especially know that you realize it has a lot to with his lifestyle in general and not with you in particular.

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