5 Tips On How To Cheat Using Social Media Apps

Cheat Using Social Media Apps

It’s in people’s nature to cheat. We just can’t help the temptation. But when discovered, we are put on the wall of shame, and it’s well deserved. So what can we do to avoid being discovered that we have something or someone on the side?

Social media apps allow this. They just need to be handled properly. There is an entire snapchat forum where people are debating should snapchat be used in that kind of purposes. I believe that everyone has right to use these apps anyway they want to. Here are few tips on how to do it.


1. Naughty Photos

Whether it is sexting on snapchat or dirty photo interchanging via Instagram, just use the option which deletes the photo few seconds after you receive it. That way you will erase the potential clues and leave no clues. Also, disable photo backing up mode on your smartphone, otherwise those nude photos will end up on your device and it’s going to be pretty hard to explain them.

2. Second Space

In an era of smartphones, you can by any kind of phone for a decent amount of money. If your thoughts are dirty then go and buy a device with a fingerprint lock/unlock system and desirably with second space option. Second space allows you to have a phone within a phone. You use a different password to activate that part of the device. You can install all the apps, use all your snapchat sexting usernames etc. Just disable syncing between the apps from the regular mode and the second space mode. Just bare in mind that you will need at least 3GB RAM memory device because dual apps mode needs a strong device so it could run properly.

3. No Facebook Or Twitter

Avoid these apps. They are too transparent for you to be able to hide anything, especially facebook. Because FB is linked with messenger you never know who could be reading your messages. While we are this subject, don’t install social media apps on multiple devices(Phone, tablet, laptop etc), and if you do, never link them together.

4. Notifications

When you are home with the woman you love you don’t want to get notifications for the messages from your mistress. To avoid suspicion, just turn off notifications from that particular person. Even when you do that, always check your phone from time to time, because messages will still come through.

5. Snapchat

The best app for this kind of “shady business” is definitely Snapchat. With a factory setup for disappearing photos, it looks like this app was developed by someone who got caught cheating. There is whole “underground” population of snapchatters who use the app as hook up method, using double profiles with special snapchat sexting usernames.

Always have in mind that you are playing with fire here, and if you get caught that is on you. Wear a cool poker face and always think two steps ahead of your partner. The last thing I have to say is this…Delete this from your Google search history. Leave no clues.

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