5 Unusual Relationship Tips You Need To Hear About

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Relationships are tricky as they are, with so many pieces of advice on how to make them work. Although every couple is unique in its peculiar way, there are some tips any relationship could benefit from. Therefore, if you have joined a local dating site and think you have found your match, read these guidelines and find out what it takes to make your union work.


You don’t always have to be right, you know? Instead of being stubborn, be the first to apologize for upsetting your partner during the argument. However, if they really did something wrong, don’t take the blame. Don’t be their doormat and take your stand. On the other hand, if you are having a meaningless fight, just be the bigger person and move on.

Don’t believe social media

Giving pictures from Facebook and Instagram too much of importance can ruin your relationship indeed. Namely, many seemingly perfect couples post their photos there, and they are usually all smiles looking like they are having a blast wherever they appear.

Don’t worry, that couple fights too but arguments aren’t photogenic. The point is that everyone looks happy, successful, tanned, skinny and in love on social media but that has nothing to do with reality. Therefore, don’t compare your relationship to something that you’ve seen on Instagram, you will never win because you are competing with something that isn’t real.

All that blame

Perhaps your guy really forgot to put the toilet seat down or to give you a call yesterday, but blaming him for all your problems can easily poison your relationship. It is not his fault if you are stuck in a dead-end job or if you gained a few pounds.

Keeping score

He went out that one time with his buddies and forgot to call you, so now you can go out and not return his call and you will be even. You did the dishes three times last week and he did them only twice. You are in a relationship, not playing football. Sometimes you will do more, sometimes he will. Keeping score will just result in many, many fights.

Do stuff together

Before you met him through the date finder you were used to doing things on your own, but now you should take time and do stuff together. For instance, you can attend events you both like or engage in interesting outdoor activities. Neglecting your partner, on the other hand, will inevitably make you drift apart.

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