6 Ways You Can Spice Up a Long-Distance Relationship

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If you don’t join local free dating online sites, odds are you will find someone great who unfortunately lives far away. Being in a long-distance relationship is difficult and keeping that flame burning requires hard work. Although keeping your sex life fresh can be tricky when you don’t see your partner that often, there are some ways you can keep that passion alive.

Write a letter

Yes, the old-fashioned, handwritten letter. Who says it has to be romantic? If you want, you can write an erotic one where you will write about your fantasies and dirty dreams. We bet they will be pleasantly surprised when they receive it.

Open a new email address

If you consider yourself a modern person, maybe emailing is more up your alley. Therefore, you and your partner could open new email addresses and do some role-playing, where your characters would write sexy messages to each other.

Couples toys

Did you know that sex toy technology has evolved? That’s right, forget about dildos and vibrators, and say hi to couples’ toys! The great thing about these is that your partner can control your pleasure and turn you on, even if he or she is miles away. It will feel like you are in the same bed, especially if you are video chatting at the moment.

Send him lingerie

If you are girl, buy the sexiest lingerie you can find and send them to your partner, notifying him about your plans for the next date. Don’t be surprised if you see him sooner than you expected!

Let your freak flag fly

It can be difficult to talk about your sexual fantasies without blushing or feeling stupid if you are sitting next to someone. However, when you text or talk on the phone, you can say everything. Therefore, let your imagination run wild and tell them what makes your toes curl.

Talk dirty to me

The idea of phone sex is terrifying, but when you are in a long-distance relationship you need to learn how to overcome this fear.  If it helps, you can dress as if you were having an IRL sex. This might give you a confidence boost you need.

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