Back On The Market: How To Rock The First Date

BBW online dating

In today’s day and age, digital communication prior to a first date is basically a given so by the time you get to see your new crush on Saturday night, you already have a pretty good idea of what they’re like as a person, and even feel like you’ve known them for much longer. At the same time, we all have our little insecurities stopping us from fully enjoying the things that are happening to us, like that little voice in our head whispering ‘how do I wish these last 10 extra pounds away?’ But it’s important to remember that BBW online dating, and dating in the real world is just as exciting with that extra weight when you meet the right man who thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to rock the first date if you haven’t been on the market for a while.

BBW online dating

#1: Hit The Salon

Get professionals to do your nails and makeup (and hair removal, if necessary) if you’re just getting back in the game, and feel your confidence is not quite where you’d want it. Not only will you not spend hours before your date in the bathroom, but the pros will probably do a much better job than you, especially if you’re nervous and want to impress the guy with how girly you are. To avoid spending a fortune, get a regular manicure and pedicure, and have them blow-dry your hair, and as far as waxing goes you can always resort to a good old razor at home. Do your nails in a neutral color in case you end up changing your outfit 5 times to make sure they match any option hanging in your closet, and instead of curling your hair, you can do a nice straight hairdo because it’s more likely to hold in case it rains or if you end up spending the night.

#2: Avoid Mood Swings

Fixing your exterior is great, but you also need to focus on your emotional state the day of the date. If you’re going through a painful divorce or if for whatever reason you’re not 100% ready to move on from the past yet, you want to work on your emotions prior to actually meeting this new crush in person. Don’t let the past get the better of you, and remember why you want to go and meet this guy – because you can’t get his texts out of your head! Let him show you that the world has not ended just because you’re no longer with your ex. Create a playlist of feel-good songs, watch your favorite romantic comedy the night before, and make sure you get some new sexy lingerie for the occasion, in case things get heated. Don’t stress over work or your belly fat too much, and just do whatever is necessary to relax and mentally prepare to be vowed.

#3: Let Him Take The Lead

There is nothing wrong with you wishing to impress someone you like, but perhaps now is the time to let go of your need to always be in control, and let your date do all the planning and impressing. Sit back and relax without a care in the world. No, it may not be perfect in the end, but it will have a mark of someone who does what they do with you in mind. So what if he gets red instead of white wine to go with the pasta or if he thinks Tom Odell is some new footwear designer, and therefore condemns you to a night of Lady Gaga (no pun intended)? Listen to what he has to say and pay attention to the little things that reveal how he’s likely to treat you down the road, and don’t worry about your first date being perfect. If he manages to make you happy, you’ll give him the best first date ever regardless of all the details you hold so dear to your heart.

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