Celebrity Snapchats: Best Makeup Artists On Snapchat

Best Makeup Artists On Snapchat

Social networks are not only for staying in touch with your friends. You can see what your favorite celebrities are up to, see some new ways to decorate your home,or learn how to do your hair or makeup. If you like following beauty vloggers on YouTube, you will love following them on Snapchat.

Celebrity Snapchats are fun, but following beauty vloggers on Snapchat is very useful. You will learn how to do your makeup and always look your best, but also see some personal details from your favorite beauty blogger’s life. The only problem is that their usernames are hard to find. We are bringing you top makeup artists that have an account on this network. See what your favorite beauty bloggers are up to and find new ways to look fabulous.

Tamanna Roashan @dyf-tamanna

Just like celebrity Snapchat names, beauty vlogger usernames are hard to find. Behind “dyf-tamanna” hides Tamanna Roashan. This makeup artist is from LA and she can paint a face to perfection. If you love to see these types of transformations, follow Tamanna and you won’t regret it. Also, you will be able to see how celebrities achieve that glamorous look. Tamanna will show you the process behind primping celebrities like Christina Milian. The excellence of this artist is backed by the fact that over 35,000 viewers tune in to her feed.

Deepica Mutyala @deepicam

Masking your dark circles with a red lipstick? Impossible. Well, if you look at Deepica’s Snapchat you will see that is very much doable. She is a New York City beauty expert and you will be able to see a lot of behind-the-scenes moments, whether they’re from backstage at the Today show or from various events. She loves connecting with her fans through Snapchat, and they often send her videos of them trying out beauty tricks she has showed them. If you are a big Sex and the city fan, you must follow Deepica, as she lives down the street from the famous Carrie apartment from the show and shares snaps of tourists when she passes by.

Jackie Aina @jackieaina

This LA based makeup artist will not only show you some great beauty tricks, but will also make you laugh. While her YouTube channel is only for her work, she uses Snapchat to also share interesting moments from her personal life. Since Jackie travels a lot, you will be able to see a lot of fantastic places she has visited. Italy, Dubai, New York City, Paris. – you can visit them all by following this artist on Snapchat.

Irene Mahmud Khan @irenesarah

With Snapchat you can always discover new ways to look great. If you love bold colors, this Snapchat profile is a must-follow. Photographer and YouTuber Irene Mahmud Khan loves going full-on glam with bold makeup shades and her mermaid hair waves.

Manny Mua @mannymua

Being a beauty artist isn’t a girl thing. This guy has over 200,000 Snapchat viewers who are obsessed with him. Although he has facial hair that doesn’t stop him from putting makeup on himself and experimenting with different looks.

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