Celebrity Snapchats and You: Who To Follow and What to Expect?

Who To Follow and What to Expect?

Snapchat has been around for a while and even though it’s mostly used by regular people in the purpose of sharing photos and videos with their friends and family, it also allows those same ordinary folk to keep up with their favorite celebrity Snapchats.

But who should you follow? Aside from those you love the most, there are certain celebrity Snapchat names you definitely shouldn’t miss out on, even if you’re not a fan of their work. In that name, here are our picks for the top 3 celebs you should follow on Snapchat and what you should expect to see on their profiles.

1. Gigi Hadid

Snapchat username: itsgigihadid

If you’re a fan of Gigi Hadid, you know that she’s been dating One Direction’s Zayn for quite some time now. If you’re a really big fan of her, you know that she has been a successful model since she was two years old!

Hadid worked with the likes of Patrick Schwarzenegger, Tom Ford, Carine Roitfeld, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Max Mara and more. These are all great names in the world of fashion, which means the British Fashion Award she won last year was more than well deserved.

What to expect from her Snapchat: Gigi often posts behind-the-scenes snaps and short vids from her job, as well as some pretty cute photos of her and Zayn.

2. Blake Lively

Snapchat username: LivelyBK

Everyone’s favorite “Gossip Girl” and the star of “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” isn’t only on Snapchat, but she’s among the most popular Hollywood faces on the app!

In case you couldn’t guess, we are talking about Blake Lively. The American-born actress made a name for herself by starring in the abovementioned hit CW drama series as Serena van der Woodsen, as well as by marrying Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds and giving birth to their two kids. Nowadays, apart from acting, Lively is working as a full-time mom and part-time celebrity homemaker.

What to expect from her Snapchat: By following Blake on Snapchat, you get to enjoy one of three things – stunningly handsome Ryan Reynolds, cute photos and videos of their two children and random snaps about how great their life is.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Snapchat username: jlobts

She comes from the Bronx and she’s packing heat! JLo has always been a force to be reckoned with, which she managed to transfer onto her Snapchat account, as well.

Although there really should be no need to explain who Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a. Jenny From The Block is, it’s still worth mentioning that the two decades she put into her career certainly earned her a place not only as one of most popular celebrity snapchats, but also a true member of the Hollywood Hall of Fame as an actress, singer, dancer, author, fashion designer and more.

What to expect from her Snapchat: What not to expect? JLo does so many things both in her private life and on her “job” that nobody can really know for certain as to what she might post next. In any case, it won’t be something you can easily ignore.

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