Crossdressing 101: Essential Tips For Teen Crossdresser

Essential Tips

If you want to become a crossdresser, you are probably wondering how to get started. Most women spend their childhood and teen years learning the feminine arts. You will have to start from scratch. But don’t worry, with our guidelines, you will master the art of crossdressing.

Every teen crossdresser should know how to put on their makeup, do their nails or hair. Yes, there are so many things you should learn if you want to become a crossdresser. But, there is more to crossdressing than just putting on clothes. You have to get your body prepared for it. Continue reading and you will know what we mean.


Before you learn how to crossdress, you should know how to make you body as feminine as possible. The majority of women don’t have beards or heavy body hair. So, you will have to shave. Your face needs to be as smooth as you can get it. Leg hair can be shaved and should stay smooth for at least a day. You can also try waxing, but be prepared for the pain. Also, if you wax you hair won’t grow for another two weeks, so if you are afraid of getting caught crossdressing, we recommend shaving. If you can’t get rid of your leg hair due to concerns over family noticing that you’ve banished it, you can disguise it. Get a pair of flesh-tone tights. If you have hairy forearms you can try trimming it down every few days with an electric razor’s sideburn trimmer.

Femme eyebrows

In this day and age it is not weird for a guy to pluck his eyebrows. So even if you don’t want your family and friends to know that you are a crossdresser, you can pull this off.

Show those curves

Every woman normally has some curves. Girls have larger hips, smaller waists and rib cages, and their shoulders are not larger than their hips. So, you will have to do some padding on the hips and butt while creating a waistline with an appropriate undergarment. Corsets are not a good idea for day wear. They are not comfortable and they can be noticed. So it is best to buy some Spanx. It will pull you in a few inches. Experiment with different styles and sizes until you find the ones that works for you. For the beginning, you can stuff your bra with balloons filled with jelly.


If you have long hair then you are able to wear your own and that is the best, most natural look. If you don’t have long hair, buy some cheap wig. If you have money you can find quality wigs online at Internet shops. Find a hairstyle that flatters your face. Today, that is easier than ever because of all the apps which allow you to virtually try on many hairstyles. When you find the one that’s right for your face go with it.

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