Date A Cowboy Like A Pro: Top 7 Date Ideas Which Will Dazzle Him

Top 7 Date Ideas

Every woman should go out with a cowboy at least once in her life. If you think than chivalry is dead, you haven’t gone out with a country man. They are ruggedly handsome, polite, treat women like ladies and have great manners. If you are going on a date with a cowboy, here are some suggestions.

When you date a cowboy, keep in mind that your dates will be little more unusual than you are used to. Coffee shops and romantic restaurants? Forget about them. Cowboys are outdoorsy types who love spending time in nature. So if you are going on a date with one, suggest some of these activities and you will simply dazzle him.

Anything that includes water

You can rent a boat and spend your day surrounded by calm water. If you are getting to know each other, this is a perfect way to have an uninterrupted conversation. Just you, him and the lake. If you are not a fan of boats, you can simply go for a walk on the beach. It doesn’t have to be a lake, a river will do the trick.

Watch a movie outdoors

If you have a drive-in theater near you, you can watch a movie from the privacy of your car. Also, there are many movie festivals which are held in town parks or squares. If none of those are nearby, you can always improvise. Surprise your partner with your own outdoor movie theater. All you need is a sheet, projector (you can rent or borrow it), a blanket and some pillows. Your cowboy will surely love this idea.

Go on a bike ride

Cowboys and cowgirls are active by nature. They love outdoor activities, so if you suggest a bike ride your partner will be thrilled. Go for a ride along the boardwalk, through the forest or visit a local park. The choices are endless.

Go camping

Your western match will love this idea. Cowboys are like grown up boy scouts. They know their way around woods and can build a campfire in no time. Don’t worry about getting lost, with him by your side, you will find a way out. Pack up your tent, some sleeping bags and food and surprise your partner with a camping trip.

Rock climbing

If you are in good shape (he surely is) try rock climbing. We are not asking you to climb Mount Everest, some rocky cliffs will do. When you finally reach the top you can enjoy the perfect view together.

Farmer’s market

You can spend time with your guy picking fresh and flavorful ingredients and later on make him a delicious dinner. Put candles on the table, open a bottle of wine and enjoy your romantic evening.

Go mini putting

It may sound cheesy, but mini golf is always fun. You don’t have to dress up for it, a pair of jeans and a shirt and you are good to go. This is a casual date which gives you an excuse to get close.

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