Dating 101: Top 4 Signs He Is Just Using You

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If you are dating actively, you will inevitably run into all sorts of guys. Not only will you meet a lot of amazing fellows but also douchebags who only use women for sex. This happens to all ladies out there, regardless of whether they are interested in HIV singles, cowboys or bikers. So, if you believe that something about the guy you are seeing is off, read the following and see whether he is just using you.

He doesn’t call you for days

Pay attention to how often he calls you. If it takes him days to respond to your messages and then he talks like nothing has happened, you might want to move on.

You never go on dates

You always hang out at his or your place instead of going out. Okay, maybe he works long hours and doesn’t want to go out afterward, or maybe sometimes he is simply not in the mood to go clubbing or bowling. However, if you have been dating for a while and he never took you someplace nice, that is a major red flag. If all you do is having sex at his or your place and the moment you suggest going out, he comes up with an excuse, he is probably using you.

He is a smooth operator

If he seems too good to be true, he probably is. This guy says all the right things and makes you feel incredibly special. He is just the right amount of vulnerable, sexy and charming and you can’t believe that you found this relationship unicorn. However, if he is flaky and you often have no idea where he is, you are dating a player. Guys who have mastered this game and are super smooth are usually sleeping with lots of girls, and that takes up a lot of free time.

You have never met his friends

In case you have been dating this guy long enough, meeting his friends and family is the next logical step. If he still hasn’t introduced you to any of them, although you have been seeing him for more than three months, he is probably sleeping with other women as well.

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