How To Deal With A Clingy Widower In 3 Easy Steps

dating a widower

So, you have just started dating a widower and you seem to connect both on a physical and emotional level. However, even though new relationships are fun and exciting, you still need some space and time for yourself. But what happens when your new partner is too clingy? How can you let them know gently that you need some alone time without hurting their feelings and seeming uninterested? We bring you several guidelines which should help you with your situation, so you may wish to put your reading glasses on.

Value your independence

A lot of couples start spending every single waking moment together pretty soon after the hooking up. However, it is not healthy to devote all your time just to one person. No relationship, no matter how great the guy or the girl is, should cost you your friendships, career or interests.

Second of all, spending too much time together can cause things to fizzle very quickly. Therefore, let your widower know that you value your independence and that you need some time on your own to regroup a bit. Try to explain to him that you have your career and friends and that not spending time with him doesn’t mean you are not interested.

We understand that talking to a widower about these things can be difficult, but you need to make things clear. In case he continues to cling, you may want to reassess the relationship.

Be direct

It is easy to distance yourself from someone you are not interested in. However, if you found this guy on a widows and widowers dating site and you’ve hit it off from the start, things get a little more complicated.

Of course, you don’t want to ghost him or pull off that passive-aggressive behavior because you care about him, so you will need to handle things in a mature way. Therefore, have a real and honest conversation with him and explain what’s going on inside your head. Make it really clear that you enjoy spending time together, but that you just need some time for yourself too.

Approach the situation with empathy

Every person feels a little bit insecure at the beginning of a relationship, so the ‘I need space’ conversation can feel like the end of the world. Instead of making him feel rejected, make it clear that you see this relationship going somewhere serious and that you are just trying to make your connection stronger, not weaker.

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