Famous Guys Whose Celebrity Snapchats You Must See

celebrity snapchats

After Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat became wildly popular. You can use it to chat with your friends and see their stories, but let’s face it, funny filters are the main feature which makes this app so interesting.

Even stars couldn’t resist its charm. Many of them have their celebrity Snapchats and use them to share their goofy selfies and funny pictures of their friends and family. If you are on Snapchat, you must follow these guys.

Bob Saget: bobsterclaw

One of our celebrities on Snapchat you should add is Bob Saget. Every generation knows this guy. He is a stand-up who rose to fame with a sitcom Full House and later on with America’s Funniest Home Videos. You could have seen his raunchier side in a documentary about a famous dirty joke The Aristocrats. Many of us know him as the voice of older Ted in highly popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Saget also made an appearance on the HBO comedy series Entourage where he played himself as a dope-smoking divorced man who loves prostitutes. Bob has made us laugh for years, and even his Snapchat profile will give you a chuckle. Be sure to check out his account on this social network. When you are having a bad day, Bob’s profile will surely make you feel better.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: JGL1981

We all know his as a cute boy form 3rd Rock From the Sun where he co-starred with John Lithgow and Jane Curtin. You could have seen him in a romantic hit movie (500) Days of Summer as well as in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. This guy also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises. In 2013 he wrote, directed and starred in a genuine romantic comedy Don Jon where he played a guy who is hooked on porn. Through years his roles became more serious. He starred as famed tight-rope walker Philippe Petit in The Walk, and last year he played Edward Snowden in Snowden. If you are a fan of his work, check out his Snapchat profile and see how Joseph uses filters to make funny selfies.

Mark Ruffalo: markruffalo

If you love The Avengers, you surely know who Mark Ruffalo is. Hint- he is green, angry and loves to smash things. Mark received Oscar nods for the films The Kids Are All Right, Foxcatcher and Spotlight. You could have also seen him in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Shutter Island, the hit movie Now You See Me (and its sequel) where he starred with Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. You maybe know him from indie comedy Thank You for or the musical drama Begin Again where he played with Keira Knightley. Mark is definitely on our celebrity Snapchat list. He loves taking selfies as well as sharing some behind-the-scenes moments. If you are a fan of his work, be sure to follow him on Snapchat. You will always know what is going on with his career.

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