Here’s How Dating with Herpes Really Looks Like

herpes dating

While you’d never though that the words “dating” and “herpes” would go together, herpes dating is in fact a pretty lucrative field, especially if we’re looking at its online dating version. However, this doesn’t mean that most people are actually aware of the existence of herpes dating sites, let alone how living or dating with herpes is actually possible in this modern day and age.

This is exactly why we’ve decided to go into the deps of herpes dating to provide our readers with some real insight into how this type of dating actually works. With that being said, here’s how dating with herpes really looks like.

The End of the World… Not

Herpes (HSV), especially in its genital variation can be a pretty serious disease with a lot of unavoidable drawbacks. Most people believe that this is one of those things that immediately renders a person as unable to have sex, however, individuals that have tried herpes dating know for a fact that this isn’t true.

While HSV does indeed mean that your sexual life is impaired, it doesn’t have to mean that you absolutely must abstain from having intercourse or that your life has to stop. There are various ways to protect yourself and your HSV date when it comes to being intimate, which is yet another reason herpes dating actually exists in the modern world.

Furthermore, there is medication that can contain this disease and control it, however, it’s not able to cure HSV in any way. Although it doesn’t solve the main problem, we can’t ignore the fact that it helps with keeping it in check.

No Prejudice

One of the main reasons why people are so afraid of herpes (or pretty much anything else) is prejudice. Society is prone to predicting various outcomes in regards to certain situations, however, most of these outcomes are based on hearsay and urban myths.

When it comes to the herpes community, all prejudice is left at the door before entering. People will not care how you got your herpes or which parts of you it’s affecting. Nobody will look down on you because you have HSV and those who have herpes will expect you to treat them just as you would treat anyone else – like a normal human being.

As you probably already know, herpes was, is and most likely forever will be subject to stigmatizing by the general population. Dealing with so much scrutinizing isn’t easy for anyone, especially if a person is trying to find a partner, but luckily the herpes community was able to overcome this prejudice by simply following the “full disclosure” policy.

How is this important? Well, for starters, the playing field gets evened out completely if both sides of a date know the most critical information about one another. Once that is out of the way, it’s much easier to get to know someone and therefore easier to determine whether you should keep dating them or not.

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