Impress a Fierce Biker Chick by Following These 3 Awesome Tips

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If you are looking for a strong, independent, adventurous woman, you should consider visiting dating sites for bikers. After all, who is more badass than these fierce ladies? They won’t take crap from anyone and they live by their own rules, which makes them so sexy. So, if you are willing to date a biker chick, just create a profile on one of these sites and start chatting with the ladies. However, before you do it, read the following and make sure you don’t make one of these mistakes.

Avoid misleading photos

If you want to date a biker chick but you have never ridden a bike in your life, please don’t upload a photo where you are posing next to one. Every woman will immediately assume that you are also a fellow rider, and the moment she realizes that you don’t know squat about motorcycles, you won’t hear from her ever again.

It is better to admit that you know nothing about these machines, then to misrepresent yourself. Since we are already talking about bad photos, we have to add the shirtless ones to the list. Please, don’t post photos with your shirt off unless you want to seem like a complete douche. Also, those where you are a younger and fitter version of yourself are also a huge no-no.

Don’t be a creep

Just like other women, biker chicks also enjoy receiving well-timed compliments. However, if you bomb her inbox with persistent flattering messages, you will seem desperate and dateless instead of smart, savvy or sexy. Therefore, wait until you get to know her a little bit better to tell her that she is amazing and wonderful. Otherwise, you will seem creepy and once you go down that road no amount of emojis, emails and texts is going to make her change her mind.

Don’t be boring

Keep in mind that biker chicks live on the edge and their life is filled with excitement, so try to sound interesting and intriguing. Texts such as ‘What’s up’ or ‘What are you up to’ are not exactly going to set her world on fire. Instead, read her profile, learn about her interests and ask her additional questions while giving her a reason to want to get to know you. A little bit of mystery goes a long way.

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