How to Know if He’s Cheating on You?

date a cowboy

Many women tend to gravitate towards the bad boys. They’re exciting, mysterious and sexy, but how safe are you in a relationship with one? You decided to date a cowboy, but now you’re feeling insecure about whether he’s faithful or if he’s looking at other potential partners on the side. There are some signs to pay attention to if you think your man might be cheating on you.

A Change in His Routine

When you live together with your partner for a period of time, you already know his daily routine. You learn how he behaves in different situations and how he reacts to certain events. When he starts changing things up in a way that seems suspicious, and won’t give you a straight-up explanation for his reasons, that’s when you need to keep a lookout.

A Change in His Looks

If your man is used to wearing casual clothes with a beard, and all of a sudden he starts flaunting a clean shave and elegant clothes, this might count as a sign to look for. If he felt comfortable around you in his old clothes, why would he change them? If you liked him with his beard and he shaved it off without even asking you, who is he doing it for? Try to inquire about the changes he’s made and if he reacts in a strange or even defensive way, you might be in for a surprise.

A Change in Private Space

Until now, your time together usually meant spooning on the couch in front of the TV or taking long romantic walks in the park. Suddenly, he starts refusing to go out in public with you, saying that he’d rather stay at home. Okay, this is not so bad. But then, when he’s at home, he tends to hang out in a separate room. His visits to the bathroom are becoming longer and longer, too.

He didn’t use to mind if you used his phone, but now he keeps it hidden in his pocket and takes it with him everywhere he goes. You’re scratching your head in confusion as to why he’s distancing himself from you. This situation might also need further investigation from your side because all these new habits might mean he’s having an affair.

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