What Makes the Best Celebrity Instagram Profiles so Great?

Profiles so Great?

Ever since Instagram started existing, we’ve seen so many famous people become much closer with their fans than ever before. They now post photos daily, they chat with their fans on the app and they allow us, mortals to get a glimpse into their everyday life. But have you ever wondered what makes the best celebrity Instagram profiles so great?

Everyone loves to follow celebrities on Instagram, but nobody ever stops to wonder what makes their profiles so great. With that being said, here are a few secrets on how to make your own Instagram as great as that of a Hollywood star.

1. Set Up Your Page Properly

The very first step towards making your Instagram as popular as that of a celebrity is setting up your page properly. It’s all about the visuals here, so keep your eyes peeled.
Humans are visual creatures, no doubt about it. We make first impressions based on what we see, which in the world of social media (such as Instagram) can be deadly or excellent, depending on how you do things.
First things first: you have to pack your profile with at least 20 of the best photos you have in your possession. This is important for two reasons – first, nobody is going to follow an empty profile, and second, people don’t think much of profiles that feature low quality photos.
The point here is to catch someone’s eye with a couple of images. Try using a professional camera instead of the one you have on your phone and make sure you take scenery, landscape and photos of interesting people.

2. Get Noticed

Being popular on Instagram, as we all know, means having a crap-ton of followers. And how celebrities do that, apart from being famous? They follow others, of course.
Initially, your network will be comprised of your existing followers and friends that you’ve invited via other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Then, once your follower base becomes substantial (anywhere from 50 to 500 followers), you should start using hashtags as much as you can.
The whole purpose of hashtags is to let users search for the things they want to see on Instagram, since the app itself can’t really recognize the things people take photos of. As soon as you begin placing those “#s” on your images, more and more people will start seeing your profile in their search results.

3. Be Interesting

Finally, we have the problem of maintaining a popular Instagram profile. So, let’s ask ourselves: how do celebs do it? The answer – they keep their followers engaged.
While setting up your profile and attracting that initial attention is all about the visual stuff, maintaining an Instagram profile once it explodes requires something very different. Although you definitely should keep posting interesting photos, you should also attach stuff to them like helpful descriptions or short and funny stories to keep your followers engaged and entertained.
Also, don’t forget to frequently respond to comments and questions, because these are worth gold on Instagram.

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