What Does the Perfect Kiss Look Like?

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So you’ve met a person you’re really interested in on a ts date site for example, but you’re anxious about meeting them for the first time. What should you be doing on the date? What if they lean in for a kiss?

If you haven’t mastered the art of kissing up until now, no worries. There are a few things to keep in mind when attempting that first unforgettable kiss. If you follow these basic guidelines, your date will surely be blown away by your irresistible lip-action.

Don’t Rush

Many people make the mistake of going in for the kiss too early when they’re still unprepared. Being anxious and excited is normal when getting to know a new person, but to be able to give the best kiss you can, you will need to be level-headed and calm.

Sensual and soft kisses don’t usually come from someone who is overwhelmed by the situation. Stay calm, don’t rush into the process. If you don’t kiss the other person on the first date, that’s completely fine. Wait until you feel completely comfortable with the whole thing, and then slowly lean into it.

Don’t Be Too Forceful

Another amateur mistake when it comes to kissing is being overly aggressive and forceful. While it might seem romantic and sensual in movies, in real life, people won’t really appreciate you smooching them like an animal, bumping teeth or suffocating them on the first date.

Keep the pressure on the moderate side, but be careful not to be too soft. If your kisses are overly careful, you end up giving the impression of not caring or wanting it enough. Use the back of your hand to practice the right amount of pressure to nail that kiss when the time comes.

Less Tongue, More Body Action

When you’re planning to kiss somebody for the first time, keep your tongue locked in your mouth. That’s for when you two get a little bit more intimate. Instead, use your whole body to signal your attraction.

Use your arms for tight hugs, your hands for gentle caresses and your fingers for stroking hair. These small gestures will make a huge difference in how your kiss is interpreted by the other person, and you will inevitably feel more confident and assertive in your lip-locking abilities.

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