Sexting For Beginners: 7 Tips That Will Help You

Sexting For Beginners

Hooray! Scientist finally agreed about one thing: the cure for loneliness is discovered. It is called the Internet and his minions are Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Snapchat and hordes of other social media apps. The future of dating looks brighter than ever.

Discovering suitable and adorable girlfriend has never been easier. You just have to choose your means of engagement. Whether you rely on your writing skills as your main weapon or you give the advantage to your stunning looks, options are endless and each app will show you new ways of connecting with hot girls.

Sexting is the essential part of every digital hook up and must be treated according to its chief status. This step must be mastered, for its proper use will bring you from kik sexting to kik sex in no time. We organized a list of 7 tips that will help you utilize the most of these apps and drastically increase your chances of a happy ending (pun intended).

1. Be friendly

Your initial message should be friendly, but also somewhat different from all other people who presumably already earlier wrote to the girl. Try to surprise her, but don’t exaggerate it, for you definitely don’t want to offend the other person.

2. Be Transparent

Try sending a photo and don’t be afraid to show your entire figure and face. This is a necessary step to do so the girl doesn’t get the impression that you are hiding something. It doesn’t matter how you look: skinny, fat, ugly, there is nothing to be scared of. Showing your fluffy belly also represents showing your courage.

3. Be Attentive

Quick reply to somebody’s messages is an admirable trait but beware not look desperate. Every Snapchat or kik sexting forum emphasizes the importance of trust between participants in the chat. Compliment her looks, the girls love it, even if she is not the most attractive girl you’ve seen. You never know where you will end up with a couple of well-placed and kind words.

4. Be Patient

She doesn’t seem interested in sexting – no problem, patience is a virtue. Hang on for a few moments, maybe even the whole day. Later in the evening, write to her, for she may already lie alone in bed, eager to receive one more message from you. This will also show your inner strength and power of your will.

5. Don’t be stupid

This isn’t the first advice on our list, but it’s the most important. Check if the girl you are chatting is over 18, otherwise, you’ll be facing criminal liability. Proposing sexting to anyone who is a minor will bring you trouble and jail time. First ask and then send photos of your genitals, not the other way around. There will be enough time for your spicy snap sex, once you’ve determined the age of the esteemed lady.

6. Be Polite

Always keep in mind that this is a real person on the other side of the screen, so there is no need for insults. Arguing will lead you nowhere. Although there is plenty fish in this virtual sea, your reputation will precede you and you might find yourself exiled and alone. You can do that anytime without any app, right?

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