What Does It Take To Date A Cowboy? Find Out!

Find Out!

If your every relationship ends up with your mascara running down your face maybe it is time to stop dating a**holes. Sit down for a second and think. Is your every ex a poor excuse for a man? Maybe you are a part of that problem. Have you ever considered that you are attracting bad boys? If you want to change your tune and date a cowboy or some other nice guy, we have some tips for you.


If you don’t respect yourself, how do you expect him to respect you? Before you get back on the market learn how to appreciate yourself. Be aware of your qualities and look for a man who deserves you. Nothing less. You don’t have to settle for some poor schmuck just so you don’t end up alone. It is a lot better being single than with a wrong person.

Don’t tell him what he wants to hear

If you want something, tell him. Don’t tell him that you don’t want marriage and kids just because you know that he doesn’t want them. If you know what you want, be clear about it. That way you will know whether or not you are on the same page and you will avoid a major heartbreak.

Relationship is not a competition

He had three serious relationships, so you lie and say you had five. He goes out with his friends, so you must to. He runs into his ex, you start talking about how your past lovers are still texting you. If you always have to “win” in your relationship and you play this messed up game you won’t end up in a meaningful relationship.

Respect him

Be punctual so he knows that you respect his time. If you told your western match that you will call him after work, do that. Keep your promises and be honest with him.

Don’t punish him for someone else’s mistakes

You have probably been hurt in the past. However, if your last boyfriend was a cheater, don’t punish your new boyfriend for that. There is no reason to check his phone or emails and always ask him where he is. Just because your past lover was a cheater/liar/emotionally unavailable, doesn’t mean your current one is any of those things. If you are still very bitter about your last breakup, maybe it is not time to start dating single cowboys. Instead, be single for a while and enjoy your freedom.

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