Top 3 Most Obvious Financial Benefits To Biker Dating

biker dating

There are plenty of benefits to dating a hot biker, such as a great tan from spending lots of time outside, having a handyman by your side at all times, and a great group of his friends who are always ready for action. In addition, there are some less obvious financial benefits to biker dating that we’d like to draw your attention to, and shed light on the fact that most bikers actually live rather simple lives.

#1: Bikers Aren’t Fancy

Bikers often have long messy hair and wear the same clothes for days on end that are often greased with all sorts of garage oil. They don’t go out to fancy dinners or parties, which means you won’t have to splurge on pricey cocktail dresses or purses to go with the occasion. You’ll dine at the local burger joint and be asked to help out with spare parts from time to time, which will make having salon-manicured nails pretty pointless. Plus, you won’t need designer clothes for one of the most important days of the year, the Daytona Bike Week. Your perfect biker match won’t really appreciate expensive gifts either, like romantic trips to Paris or tickets to the ballet. He’ll be happy with whatever bike-related gift you decide to give him, and won’t care about its price tag in the least bit, saving you plenty of money in the process.

#2: Bikers Don’t Splurge

On the other hand, just as much as they don’t care for being splurged on, most biker men are unlikely to splurge on you as well. This is a two-way street where you’ll save plenty of money but don’t expect your birthday present to be wrapped up in a nice red bow. High-end vacations, clothing or outings are just not something that your bike connection even thinks about unless you start nagging about it, which means you better adjust your expectations and start looking at the world from his perspective – the bike is the only thing draining money from his bank account. You’ll quickly realize how pointless it is to waste obscene amounts on material possessions just to impress people in your life, and you’ll just embrace the fact that life is so much more simpler wlif iat lif inice red bow, either. High-end vacations, clothing or cars ithout constantly worrying about your finances. What’s more, you’ll see your savings start growing in no time.

#3: Bikers Like The Simple Life

If you’re looking for a posh lifestyle with a member of one of numerous biker clubs from across the country, chances are you’re not going to find it, and should turn to banker dating instead. If, on the other hand, you know how to appreciate the little things in life, and don’t mind riding away into the sunset in the same clothes you’ve owned for years, biker dating could be just the thing for you. Not only will you see your bank account balance increase steadily, but you’ll also get back to nature and develop a new-found appreciation for the simple life.

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