Top 3 Reasons to Date a Country Boy in 2019

cowboy dating

Country boys are tough, handsome, and skilled at making something out of nothing. City boys, on the other hand, are stuck behind their desks all day, have lower back pain, high blood pressure, have to pay to get physical activity, and couldn’t last for more than a day out in the wild. Not that you need your future boyfriend to rescue you from a grizzly bear, but it would be nice if he could at least change a light bulb – an aspiration not that easily achieved for many. That’s why today we’ve decided to touch up on cowboy dating, and why it is bound to gain in popularity in 2019.

#1: You’ll be in Great Shape

Cowboys are not the type of guys to sit around the couch all day, watching movies or baseball games. They’re physically very active and spend most of their time outside during the day, and come back home at night to share a meal with you and hit the sack. If you want to keep up with his pace of life, you pretty much don’t have any other choice but to join him in the outside world. When was the last time the crisp country air touched your nostrils at dawn? Never sounds about right, doesn’t it, but that’s certainly about to change. As you help him around the ranch you’ll soon notice your thigh muscles gaining strength, your abdomen shrinking to pre-pubescent size, and your biceps tightening the loose skin around your upper arms.

#2: You’ll be Healthier

You’ll pretty much forget the last time you had pizza or anything that was dough-based expect for homemade bread that you’ll learn to bake yourself. Picking up food from your garden to prepare it for lunch will become a daily occurrence, and fresh dairy products will sort of become your comfort food. Everything you eat will take about 3-5 five minutes to travel from the farm to your dining table, which will do wonders for your overall health, lowering your blood pressure, reducing your weight down to a healthy number, strengthening your bones and joints, and reducing your overall stress levels.

#3: He’ll be Good to You

Unlike city boys, cowboys don’t play games with women because they were raised to be honest and forthcoming with their feelings and needs. What you see is what you get, which will come as a breath of fresh air compared to always being on the lookout so you don’t get played by a city bad boy. Cowboys are loyal and wouldn’t be with you unless they really liked you. As a result, you’ll feel safe and loved in his arms, and he’ll treat you with respect and plenty of affection even though he might have trouble showing it at first.

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