Top 3 TS Snapchat Tips To Snap Like a Pro

TS Snapchat Tips To Snap Like a Pro

If you’ve been on TS Snapchat for a while, but aren’t getting enough followers, you may have hit a Snapchat rut which can be tough to get out of. Years spent on various platforms can put a damper on your creativity, leading your fans to look for TS snap action elsewhere.

You can always show your TS Instagram fans you’re on Snapchat and ask them to follow you, but it’s going to take more than that to make you a TS Snapchat guru.

Luckily, you’re not the only one in this pickle, and there are bullet-proof ways to overcome your block that we’d like to present today.

Tip #1: Experiment with Kink

Mastering the art of great TS snaps can be a long process that takes effort and persistence. Whether a snap is awesome or not is ultimately determined by your fans, and one thing goes without saying, the kinkier your snap, the happier your followers will be. However, the trouble is that you can’t always post the same kind of content over and over again without your fan base getting bored. One of the things you can do is experiment with different kinds of kink, and see which snaps generate the most stir. This way you’ll get an idea of the direction in which your snaps need to go.

Tip #2: Trial and Error

If you snap a story and it’s not getting enough attention, you’ll need to change some of its features to make it more exciting. But how do you know which features need to go, and which ones are keepers? Well, you test them out and see. Trial and error is one of the ways to see how your snaps do and whether they lead to mind-blowing TS snap sex or just a lukewarm exchange of a few messages. In addition to posting experimental snaps, ask your following for feedback. Although some of them will definitely tell you they just want to see some more nasty, you’re bound to get plenty of good tips on how to make your TS snaps incredibly sexy and even more provocative.

Tip #3: Tease ‘Em

If you keep your fans constantly engaged on TS Snapchat and improving your stories, they’ll keep on coming back for more. Creating intrigue from the first snap of the story is one of the best ways to make sure your audience stays with you until the end of the post. Show them immediately that something spicy, dirty or just plain obscene is coming up, otherwise you run the risk of them swiping to the next story. Tease with suggestive angles and setting, and don’t go overboard with filters. Keep their eyes moving and keep your content short and to the point. Finally, don’t forget to use text for those just quickly browsing through your stories without turning the sound on. They don’t want to see you write an essay and would much rather watch you pole dance, but you can still use caption to intrigue them and motivate them to stick around.

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