Top 4 Tips To (Successfully) Date A Cowboy

date a cowboy

There are countless dating niches for you to choose from, and there is no doubt every single one has something special to offer. If you’re looking to date a cowboy we’ve got just the thing to prepare you. The heart wants what it wants, and even though you may have thought you’d end up with a city boy, the country keeps drawing you in. There is much to be considered before you’re ready so let’s take a look at the top 4 tips that will help you accomplish your dating mission.

#1: Embrace The Outdoors

Not a fan of bugs and mud? Try dating a banker then because cowboys are all about getting down and dirty all day long. Rain or shine, your cowboy will be outside even if he doesn’t have to work, and obviously he’d love for you to join him, which is why you better embrace the outdoors, both in July and in January. Also, your cowboy would really appreciate it if you could swap a Netflix-powered afternoon in on a Tuesday for some good ol’ beer drinking at his favorite bar or an outdoorsy activity that doesn’t include any lying around, expect, well, maybe in hay.

#2: Forget About Upkeep

Yes, you’ll get a nice tan dating a cowboy, but there won’t be any need for serious upkeep because you won’t be going on dates at the Ritz. You’ll be having burgers with fries at a local country joint where no one will care about your manicured nails when everyone else has got dirt under their fingernails. Cowboys and cowgirls alike usually share the same values, including being more concerned with a job well done than appearances on any given day, but if you’re not a cowgirl yourself and like to dress up, adjusting your attitude to like dusty clothes, greasy hands and muddy shoes would do you plenty of good.

#3: Kiss Romance Goodbye

Although incredibly sexy and great in bed (apparently), cowboys are not particularly romantic and nothing human-related really phases them. They’ll get upset over their horses more than the people in their lives, including you darling. This doesn’t mean your cowboy doesn’t love you, but it does mean you’re unlikely to get a grand proposal out of him. Or flowers. Or candy. You will, however, get someone who works hard and works hard (very little room for play), and his idea of manhood won’t include spending $250 dollars on a designer wallet to impress you. But he could build you a barn with his bare hands though! He’s all man, no gimmicks.

#4: Expect Commitment

Cowboy dating is not the most exciting thing in the world, but if you get a cowboy’s attention, rest assured he’s definitely into you. Cowboys are usually loners married to their hard labor, and don’t care much for the outside world. Plus, in cowboy land, there is no such thing as population density, so chances are he knows everyone living within a 60-mile radius from him. If he’s single, that means he’s not happy with the selection and is looking for something more special. Country boys are not the ones to play games, and don’t live in the world fueled by a constant reminder that there is a juicier piece of ass somewhere within their reach than the one they have waiting for them at home. In other words, if he’s got his eye on you, expect a loyal and faithful partner to cherish you in the long-term.

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