Top 5 Rules of Dating a Successful Cougar

Dating a mature woman is nothing like dating a girl your age, so if you are interested in joining cougar finder sites, you need to learn a thing or two first. Mature ladies have a different attitude and way they handle things compared to their younger counterparts, so you need to follow some rules to dazzle them. For instance, you can forget all about immature mind games and behaving like a popular frat guy, because those things will only turn her off. Instead, follow these tips and you will master the art of dating older women in no time.

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Don’t make plans via texts

These ladies are usually old-fashioned, so if you want to take one out on a date, you better call her and ask her out. Sending her something like ‘Wanna hang?’, on the other hand, will make you seem like an immature guy who doesn’t know how to be a gentleman.

Don’t tell her she looks good for her age

This line is a slap in the face. Cougars want to leave an impression of youthful and sexy women, so the moment you add that ‘for your age’ at the end of a sentence, you will make her feel both uncomfortable and ancient. Therefore, if you want to pay her a compliment, tell her that she looks great.

Present yourself in the best possible way

Cougars like younger guys who make an effort to look great, so you should at least make sure you are showered and well groomed. Also, you should let her know that you have a good taste in fashion. This includes leaving your baggy jeans and the t-shirt with a band logo in your closet and opting for a nice pair of pants and a clean and ironed shirt instead.

Don’t be annoying

Keep in mind that cougars live busy lives. They don’t have time to hang out with you every single time you want to see them. A mature woman has a job, a career, and family obligations, so make sure you don’t smother her with attention.

Don’t keep her waiting

When you go on a date, make sure you are on time or, better yet, a little bit early. A cougar appreciates a man who knows how to value her time, so be punctual or she will be turned off by your behavior.

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