Transsexual Dating And What Do Transgenders Have To Do With It?

What Do Transgenders Have

Transsexual dating is a very intriguing dating niche that has seen an increase in popularity over the years, and the more people show interest in it, the more questions arise that need to be answered. First off, we clarify the difference between transsexual people and transgender people, and then move into their very diverse sexual preferences in the hopes of bringing trans dating closer to the general population.

What are Transsexuals?

The first thing we need to clarify is the difference between transsexual people and transgenders. Even though these two terms are used interchangeably, they actually mean different things as sex and gender essentially do not refer to the same thing. Sex means the form of someone’s sex organs and their reproductive role, whereas gender refers to the person’s social identification with being male or female in terms of conforming to the acceptable societal norms. Transsexual people are not happy with their bodies, and usually undergo a full transition that requires sex reassignment surgery. The sex they were assigned at birth is conflicted with the gender they psychologically feel they belong to, and in order to fully feel at peace with who they are, they need to change their sex, like Caitlyn Jenner.

What are Transgenders?

On the other hand, transgender people don’t change their biological sex, but dress and act like the sex they were not assigned at birth, like RuPaul. They keep the sex organs they were given naturally and lead the lives like the opposite sex, such as men dressing as women, and wearing makeup, and long hair or women wearing men’s clothing and sporting short hair. Whether someone is transsexual or transgender has little to do with the fact that they’ve probably struggled with gender dysphoria their whole life, only some of them decide to deal with it by completely transitioning to the gender they identify with while others choose to openly lead the life of the gender they prefer without giving up their sex organs. Either way, neither their sex nor their gender determines their sexual preferences, which are a whole different area that needs to be discussed.

TS Sexual Preferences

If you’re intrigued by transsexual or transgender dating, you need to know that not all trannies have one single sexual preference. What’s more, some of them prefer to cast both sex and gender aside when looking for partners, picking people based on other characteristics, such as compatibility of likes and dislikes, similar interests, and so on. Before you get into the TS dating world, you need to understand that every tranny is different, and their sexual and gender experiences are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Unless they make it clear in their TS personals where their sexual preferences lie, you need to ask them upfront so nobody’s time gets wasted. Expect them to be open and honest about who they are, and remember they expect nothing less from you in return.

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