Want To Be The One With The Most Instagram Followers? Follow These Steps

Want To Be The One With

Posting pictures on Instagram doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Many people have discovered how to earn money using this social platform. So, if you want to make money by uploading beautiful pictures, just keep reading.

You don’t’ have to have the most Instagram followers, but there is a way you can cash in your presence on this social network. No, you don’t have to lead a glamorous life to be Instagram famous. You just have to be creative and good with the camera, and every situation, even the most boring one, will seem like a fairytale come true. Instagram celebrities use some hacks and we are going to share some of them with you.

Following everyone

It is easy for Selena Gomez to be the most followed person on Instagram since she is a famous actress and singer. But what about us, plain mortals? Well, there is a way to boost the number of your followers and it involves a lot of clicking. If you want people to follow you, you have to follow them first, that’s just how it works. They will get the notification that says you are following them, and they will probably check out your profile. And if they like what they see, you will get a new follower.


They can be very useful for getting more followers. You can use simple hashtags, or be more creative and think of something new.

Choose your theme

What are your hobbies and interests? Choose one or two of them and let them be a theme of your Instagram profile. You can still photograph whatever you want, but don’t publish everything from your phone. Make sure you stick to the subject, but avoid being repetitive. Make sure you only post high quality pictures. If you are having doubts about posting a certain photo, you should probably skip that one.

Tagged photos

If you want to earn money on Instagram, you have to protect your reputation. So go to settings and add the option where you must approve photo tags before they show on your profile. This way you will stay safe from drunk and embarrassing pictures.

Be consistent

Create a routine and post everyday at the same time. People are creatures of habit and they will get used to getting your pictures and checking out your profile. Be sure not to post more than one picture a day, so you don’t spam someone’s news feed. if people get tired of you cluttering their news feed, they will delete you. Once a day is still frequent enough that your followers won’t forget about you.

Be polite and stay in touch

Nobody likes rude people, so if someone says something nice about your photo, thank them. If you see something you like on your followers wall, feel free to comment. Owners of the most popular Instagram accounts know that staying in touch with your followers will ensure that they don’t delete you from their list. So, letting them know you appreciate them is definitely a plus.

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